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Mackenzie s
18 May 2007, 03:43
Description: This simple edit will change the title you see on the top of the index. By default it will say something all these lines:

Site Name Here - Powered by vBulletin

You can see the title by going to your index, which is www.yoursitename.com/forum(s)/index.php.

If you STILL don't get it, here's a picture.


Now you can change it to say anything you want through a template modification, which will be shown here.

I'll make it very easy, so just about anyone can do it. :)

1) Go to your admincp and click "Languages & Phrases" on the left column in your admincp.
2) You will see "Search in Phrases". Click it.
3) In the "Search For Text" box, paste this:
4) Go down and you will see "Search in ...". Tick the "Phrase Variable Name Only" box.
4) Click Find and on the top you will see the phrase you're looking for. Click on Edit on the right.
6) FOLLOW CAREFULLY!!! Now this is where you edit the title. There are a few options you can do here.

\/ Read Below. \/

Option #1

I mentioned before that by default the index title displays as the following:

Site Name Here - Powered by vBulletin

Now if you want to keep the "Site Name Here" part then make sure you type {1} where you want to see the site name. Add any other text you like.

Option #2

Type out whatever you want it to say! I like this one. :p

NOTICE: It is totally possible to remove the Powered by vBulletin part, but I neither encourage nor condone doing that. ;)