View Full Version : [Release Vb 2.x] Vb Code modification

21 Apr 2001, 12:29
i don't like Vb Code system actually so i use a simple system
you click on the img one time there is the first tag you click another time the tag is closed more simple i think ;)

<a alt1="" alt2="" t="0" onClick="t=1-t;if (t==1){message.value=message.value+alt1};if (t==0){message.value=message.value+alt2}"><img src="images/bbcode/mail.gif"

Aaron Pepper
21 Apr 2001, 18:49
Can I see a demo of this in action?

21 Apr 2001, 19:45
i can just put a screen (i like this method without JS)

screen here (http://zebazar2.free.fr/bbcode.jpg)

29 Apr 2001, 10:58
It does not work with Netscape 4.7x.

29 Apr 2001, 18:10
hum i haven't test with NS i will see a correction for NS's user

05 May 2001, 12:10
so with this it works with ns 4.7 so 6 i hope
1) add this to template
before /header

<script language="JavaScript" src="scripts.js"></script>

2) add this to the same template each time where you want in the template (with a good image)
each time you add an image with a bbcode be careful about addcode('') you need to put the good action

<img src="img/bbcode/gras" border="0" alt="Mettre le texte en gras : texte" onMouseUp="addCode('gras')">

2) open scripts.txt and remplace replier to the name of your textarea (name="" in template)
3) modify the code as you want (it's in french so don't worry ;))
4)save to scripts.js
5) upload scripts.js to your forum directory

19 May 2001, 11:01
That is really good. Do you know how to make a dropdown field to insert the values directly into the textarea.

For example a dropdown field with two entries:

Arrow down and arrow up. And for arrow down insert &darr; and for arrow up &uarr; in the textarea