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25 May 2007, 20:39
Skin Installation Guide:

- Making a backup of your database and current board skin is always a good idea!

1.) Upload the folders Excessive and 7M-Excessive to your forums root directory.
2.) Go to your Admin Cp on your board.
- Find the tab that says Styles and Templates.
- Click on Download/Upload Styles.
- Select the xml file.

Copyright 7oxic-Media.com

You can use it, hack it, and modify it to meet your needs. But, you may not redistribute any of the .psd files or template files. You may not resell the skin or graphics.

Thank you for using this FREE style from www.7oxic-media.com (http://www.7oxic-media.com)


25 May 2007, 20:57
this one is also very nice

25 May 2007, 22:45
No files to download
Awesome looking though look forward to being able to see it live.

27 May 2007, 15:13
Wicked Style Installed

27 May 2007, 15:41
Thank you!

27 May 2007, 18:09
awesome i cant seem to find any psd's

Brandon Sheley
27 May 2007, 18:23
nice style, I don't want it but still nice release :)

28 May 2007, 11:11
thanks m8 i realy like the colour it looks brill. i was after the same colours in a karate Style

29 May 2007, 19:02
downloaded, do you mind sharing the text style file?

31 May 2007, 17:53
All the style options are done in AdminCP. You can simply edit it there.

06 Jun 2007, 16:30
can you do me a thanks button please for this style

07 Jun 2007, 07:32
the thread says it's for 3.6.7

however, when i tried to install it...it gave me this error

Importing Style, Please Wait...


vBulletin Message

This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

Your version: 3.6.7
File version: 3.6.5

07 Jun 2007, 07:58
never mind

updated the version number in the xml file...it's working fine now

now uploading the files so they'll work with vBadvanced

16 Jun 2007, 02:51
very nice thanks

20 Jun 2007, 09:31
Very nice...


20 Jun 2007, 22:12
very good skin

:D install

23 Jun 2007, 01:19
Your styles are ridiculous, man...some of the best work I've seen...I can't do anything with this one but I'm rocking your Detour...

19 Jul 2007, 01:05
Hey there, I love this style but I have just one problem that I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with.

I'm running VB 3.6.7 PL1 and I installed the style with no probs...the only prob I seem to have is the marquee text isn't showing up at all. Any ideas? I know this isn't supported but if anyone has any thoughts on this, would be very helpful, thanks in advance.

21 Jul 2007, 02:20
There's no register button on this...

25 Jul 2007, 22:15
Love it. Nice work :)

NFCN Editor
26 Aug 2007, 23:17
Thanks for this very cool style 7oxic. I have installed it on my site and so far am very happy with it. Anyone wanting to see a live demo of this theme click on the link below..



27 Aug 2007, 00:10
Looks great. I will look at installing it soon.

27 Aug 2007, 00:51
I installed it. How do I get it to work with vBadanced? It works with the forums but the main page is plain.

27 Aug 2007, 09:34
What about a PSD for just the logo? its kinda hard for me to make a logo without PSD Files T_T
Other then that nice style!