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10 Jun 2007, 16:10
Simple, yet elegant teal and black style. 90% original images.
Includes blank header, and blank button, in jpg format for easy editing.

LIVE DEMO (http://www.themesbydesign.net/forums/index.php?styleid=62)

Installation Instructions:

Download the attached Zip file, and unzip to your computer.
Upload the tealblack folder into your forum/images directory, so that your path is images/tealblack
Import the xml file by going to your ACP --> styles and templates --> download/upload styles --> browse --> select the xml file where you have it saved on your computer --> importPlease click Installed, and enjoy :)

10 Jun 2007, 22:00
preview isnt working.

10 Jun 2007, 22:26
Sweet Nice work. Thanks I knew a blue would look good

11 Jun 2007, 00:29
preview isnt working.I just clicked on it - works fine :)

Sweet Nice work. Thanks I knew a blue would look goodGlad you like it. I'll be doing a medium blue next week.

11 Jun 2007, 01:13
Nice style reserved :)

15 Jul 2007, 04:39
Thanks, glad you like it.

15 Jul 2007, 20:23
Good job. Looks nice man.

no mods
16 Jul 2007, 06:42
Good job. Looks nice man.

Woman not Man:)

06 Oct 2007, 18:02
aww thanks T, and thank you, geniotr