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24 Jun 2007, 22:19
Tested on 3.6.5 and 3.6.7. A nice red/black style for your forum, header adjusts with an browser width.

Live Demo (http://www.holypoo.com)

To Install:

Upload the " New" folder to images/styles.

PSD"S included for button and header.

Contact me for Branding Removal.

24 Jun 2007, 22:30
looks cool to me. i been at Type 2 Chat and pretty friendly there.

installed and all works great.
marked installed

no mods
24 Jun 2007, 22:32
I try my best to make it a family friendly place, thank you.

25 Jun 2007, 00:19
Now that is absolutely adorable!

25 Jun 2007, 03:06
Still missing that navbits_finallink.gif image. But overall, a nice style.

no mods
25 Jun 2007, 14:01
Thank you for pointing out the image problem to fix it:

Via ftp, go:




and Change to


That will fix it.

26 Jun 2007, 20:49
looks cool nice work

27 Jun 2007, 01:44
OMG!!! I love this one! I'm quite crazed about bunnies! :D It's nice to see a theme like this one!

30 Jun 2007, 18:13
This is just beautiful...I love it...thank you...

no mods
30 Jun 2007, 19:15
No THANK YOU, comments like that are the reason I continue to make styles.:)

24 Oct 2007, 15:45
first want to say thanks for share this style one of the best I see here .
second a question after I upgrade to 3.6.8 is there any template change I need to do now?

no mods
24 Oct 2007, 23:22
? Do what , please reword that, didn't understand fully.

25 Oct 2007, 11:05
sorry my English is really bad I edit my first post hope you understand now thanks.

04 Nov 2007, 01:00
Gave me an error and said it didnt work with vbullitin 3.8 ! also not easy instructions on how to install this !


no mods
04 Nov 2007, 02:33
No it isnt 3.6.8 updated. So you will have to click ignore style version when installing.What dont you understand in the instructions?

05 Nov 2007, 11:33
Excellent theme.if only the red was blue, Id have loved it even more :)