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26 Jun 2007, 04:45
One of the very first styles I designed, I've recently updated it, re-designed some images.

LIVE DEMO (http://www.themesbydesign.net/forums/index.php?styleid=85)

Installation Instructions -

Click on the "Install" button on the right of this post, then download the zip file to your computer and extract it (I put it on my desktop, it's easier to remember where I put it!).
Open your ftp client to your server.
Next, upload the spring folder via FTP to your server, into the images folder, so that your image path is images/spring/buttons, for example.
After you've uploaded the folder, open your admin control panel on your forum, and import the xml file, by going to Styles & Templates > Download / Upload styles > Import Style XML File
Click on the Browse button, locate the xml file for spring, and double-click it so it loads in that box, then hit the Import button.You'll find a blank header image, and button, for your use. If you need customizations, please request these on my site.

PLEASE don't forget to click "Mark as Installed".

Enjoy! :)

26 Jun 2007, 04:50
1st!!! reserved..

27 Jun 2007, 18:44
Nice one :) I always like your styles.

/me installs

28 Jun 2007, 06:29
Thank you sweetie ;)

19 Jul 2007, 03:10
Very nice ! The color is great, just loved

19 Jul 2007, 06:31
well thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

30 Jul 2007, 15:08
cool design ........already registered to ur demo forum :D

02 Aug 2007, 23:36
I'm glad you like it :)

03 Aug 2007, 00:41
Very nice and clean design, well done.

05 Aug 2007, 14:34
Thanks eric! :D

28 Sep 2007, 06:52
I'm sprung over your "Spring". :D

Okay, that was too cheesy, but really, I love everything you make!

28 Sep 2007, 06:53
LOL! Well thank you.

29 Sep 2007, 19:19
very nice

06 Oct 2007, 18:59
thanks :D

03 Nov 2007, 02:37
Hi, I just uploaded this style but I am trying to get my own banner in there. It won't let me modify the header code so it is centered. I was copypasting the centered banner from my defualt style to this one. I get this error message:

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. in /admincp/css.php on line 103

Rebuild Style Information
Updating Style Information for '' and child styles...

Fatal error: Invalid styleid specified in /includes/adminfunctions_template.php on line 327
I am a newbie at this so please excuse if I missed something. I had the same problem with the Halloween theme I uploaded last week but since it was only for that one day, I left it alone.

Gorgeous colours here, I love it!

03 Nov 2007, 09:38
Very nice!

Unfortunate that it doesn't fit our theme. ;)

16 Feb 2008, 12:18

A note; one image is missing from the zip - http://www.themesbydesign.net/forums/images/spring/misc/navbits_finallink_ltr.gif

16 Apr 2008, 01:02
A zip with the missing images - actually ALL of the theme's images - has been attached.

I'll also be upgrading this theme for 3.7 and posting it there :)

16 Apr 2008, 05:00
very nice and clean

18 Apr 2008, 19:53
are you still offering this style since it's not on the demo?

15 May 2008, 20:28
Sorry for the late reply! Indeed I am still offering this style, in both 3.6.x and 3.7.0

16 May 2008, 03:23
Always the lazy one, I updated vb to 3.7 but haven't touched the style. Nobody's noticed any problems yet. Or did it update automatically?

16 May 2008, 21:25
3.7 has about 10 new images, so I would suggest that you upgrade :)
Being rather lazy myself, you could just import the xml file, overwriting the old one, and upload the buttons and misc folders, overwriting, of course. All of the new images are in those two folders.

17 May 2008, 01:21
You mention overwriting the old xml file, but no such option exists. I hope you mean "merge into style" because that's what I just did.

edit: Total disaster. Spring has lost all my icons (Go Back, Reload this page, even headersample.jpg (which I managed to find my customized one in an old backup WHEW)). I tried deleting it and importing the xml to a new style but same deal. What a mess!

edit edit: omg "Go to your forum's images folder, open it, and create a styles folder.". Is this going to be a new 3.7 thing for all skins? Anyway, now it's working. Arg.

18 May 2008, 01:27
No, this is my preference. I'm glad you got it working. grrrrr I meant merge into style. Fixed now on first post. thanks

Mr saleki
16 Jun 2008, 09:25

06 Aug 2008, 02:50
So I just noticed this evening that reputation was turned off on the board. I turned it on, only to find that in Spring the rep icons aren't showing. They're working in the other two styles. Screenshot
The icon itself seems to be there. Any ideas?

20 Aug 2008, 09:45
sorry videx, I have no idea why. Make sure they're uploaded in the correct directory in your ftp.

22 Aug 2008, 04:11
It seems to be a path problem. With this version you created a /images/styles/spring/ folder. But this icon is linking to /images/spring/reputation/reputation_pos.gif - your old way of doing it.

When I updated, I renamed my old /styles/spring folder to /images/old_spring. Today, if I rename that back to /images/spring, the icon shows back up. But clearly this is an error in the style.

07 Sep 2008, 10:49
I'm glad you got it fixed for your site.

Because you had such a problem. I've moved the 3.7 style to the 3.7 forum.

23 Sep 2008, 13:00
Okay, I'm learning as I go along here. The correct way to fix this until it's updated is in Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Spring -> Style Vars (in the All Style Options drop-down menu) -> Reputation Images Folder

Just add styles/ to the path, like all the others.

23 Sep 2008, 17:37
Sorry Videx, I thought I had posted (but I guess not) - You can obtain the updated version (3.7.3) of this style at my site, www.themesbydesign.net (http://www.themesbydesign.net)