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no mods
01 Jul 2007, 03:14
Tested on 3.6.5 and 3.6.7. This light blue style is both professional and fun. A fixed width style. Not to bright, not to dark, perfect for any forum.

Live Demo (http://www.holypoo.com/forum/showthread.php/light-blue-pro-skin-618.html?p=1258)

Installation: Upload the "liblue" folder to images/styles

Contact me for Branding Removal.

Enjoy the skin.

01 Jul 2007, 20:01
very nice thanks

Pc 1203
01 Jul 2007, 21:50
Nice. Thanks

<!-- Installed -->

02 Jul 2007, 19:05
Link doesn't work for me.

no mods
02 Jul 2007, 19:41
moving stuff, links will hopefully be back shortly.

03 Jul 2007, 15:40
Great template..i have a panic attack site and this is nice and calming,,,anyone do me a nice logo..to do with panic attacks :D


03 Jul 2007, 15:45
Do you have the fonts for the logo and pics


no mods
03 Jul 2007, 18:56
I have them somewere, let me get my site back up and ill take a look at it.

04 Jul 2007, 03:49
awww this one is very nice too! :)

05 Jul 2007, 07:53
very good :)

17 Jul 2007, 14:32
Very nice template! will be installing this over the next couple of days!

Can you tell me what mod you are using at the bottom regarding the topics/posts/members stats where it tells you the percentage up or down on the last month?

no mods
17 Jul 2007, 15:11
Its called Vbtrends,

Glad you like the style:up:

19 Jul 2007, 20:47
When you goto view someones profile, you cant read any of the text because the background is black.

Serkan Yılmaz
19 Jul 2007, 21:30

20 Jul 2007, 04:45
When you goto view someones profile, you cant read any of the text because the background is black.

Any idea on how to change the colour of the links in the profile so they are white, or change the background colour so they show up?

no mods
20 Jul 2007, 09:45
Ill look in to that. Thanks for letting me know.

no mods
20 Jul 2007, 10:22

To change the color of the links in the user profile. Go to Style manager, all style options, then find the first box were you can edit colors and such, it will be called "Body" Edit the "Normal Link CSS" and Visited Link CSS" to whatever you want.

To change the background color of the Member profile from black. Go to Style manager, all style option. Then find the "Panel (forms)" and edit the "background" color.

20 Aug 2008, 17:41
Anyone know if this style is compatiable with 3.7????

anyone who has it installed upgraded to 3.7 just want to know if my 2 forums will break if I upgrade them


27 Oct 2008, 16:12
https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2010/11/2.gifThere should be a new rule:

EVERY SINGLE STYLE proposed here, must have one attachment with a printscreen of the resulting style...
(For example: a print-screen from forum.php, another one from forumdisplay.php, another one from showthread.php!!!)

:mad: I'm tyred of clicking on the Demo URLs and only find DEAD sites... ARGH!!! :eek: :confused:

02 Nov 2008, 01:27
The demo doesn't work right now