View Full Version : [RELEASE vb2.0] Smilies hack

25 Apr 2001, 19:25
Here's a cool hack, which is simple to do and is a great laugh.

smilies hack beta 1
a quick preview
(sorry it in .bmp format)

Ok here is comes
Download it here (

26 Apr 2001, 00:25
Sorry, but how is that different from RC2?

26 Apr 2001, 03:05
What does it do?

28 Apr 2001, 11:52
Basically, it looks like he separated the mobile (moving) smiles from the static ones.

09 May 2001, 13:22
Any chance in making these smilies appear by slecting them from a drop down menu?

09 May 2001, 17:56
Hey m8, i'll try and do it

10 May 2001, 06:28
The idea would be to have a menu with a list of icons (pre-defined in a file so it would be easy to add and remove them) and when selected, it would display the icon next to the drop down box. When one would press the icon, it would add it to the reply box just like the smilies do now.

I've got a similar hack installed on my UBB, that's why I thought it'd be nice to see it on VBB as well :D You can see it in action here (http://www.plastiqueweb.com/core/forums/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=newtopic&f=1).


10 May 2001, 15:59
ok m8.
I'll try and develop it, its a cool hack that you have on ubb

later mobile