View Full Version : Need help with something

26 Apr 2001, 22:45
I installed the newsfader hack, and it has screwed up 2 things. First off, when people try to log out, this message comes up:

Parse error: parse error in /home/ff92k/public_html/forums/member.php on line 684

And it has got rid of the things in the top left, like registered members ect....anyway of getting them back, and any way of getting the log out option back? Thanks ppl...oh...and it's version 2.0 candidate 2

26 Apr 2001, 22:48
In other words, the member.php file is screwed up, cause you cant change anything in the profile either...elp?

26 Apr 2001, 23:25
Ok...i got the line error sorted, and evrything is going sweet, but i want the total posts ect....to be there, as well as the news fader...anyway of doing that? And how do i change the background of the fader to blue, and the text and links to different colours?! Please, just tell me that, then i'm sorted ;)