View Full Version : BIG bug with saving scores of secure games

24 Jul 2007, 06:57
Okay so I download and install 2.6.2 so all the new secure games work fine now submitting scores and all is great.

Then about 1 week into it I notice a bug, a big bug... it seems that when you're playing a secure game it can save its score into other games.

This is how it works...
1. you load up a secure game (I've tried a few but for this example lets say... Balls)
2. you load up (in a new tab) a non secure game... Dynamite
3. you play Balls and submit score

now instead of giving a nice "score was not submitted" error message it loads up the highscores for Dynamite and saves the Balls score there, so now I have a Dynamite game with a highscore of >2000

Like I said I've tried this with multiple combinations of secure and unsecure games and it always worked.

NO bug when the combinations were:
secure - secure
unsecure - unsecure

24 Jul 2007, 07:29
could you please try this:
open /arcade.php
set $FIXIE to 0 (zero)

try if this works anymore with this setting...

24 Jul 2007, 23:30
set it to 0... still having the exact same problem as before

also... just tested it with firefox and I'm getting the exact same problem

25 Jul 2007, 18:59
Ok, I think I have a solution to this, please provide your mailaddress via PM and a reference to this thread so I can send you an updated arcade.php for testing

10 Aug 2007, 16:45
I have exactly the same problem. Any solution for this issue ? I run vb 3.6.8 with ibproArcade 2.6.3+

When i play a game and open simultaneously a new window with another game then the high score of second game saved into first window. How can we make users to play only 1 game at a time and not 2 or more games simultaneously in different windows in order to deny them cheating scores ?

15 Aug 2007, 19:34
any news ?

22 Aug 2007, 19:17

26 Aug 2007, 08:04
v2.6.3+ should have fixed this ...