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11 Sep 2007, 01:50
It is a good idea to always secure your modcp and admincp areas (and any other sensitive areas/directories) in your forum, using .htaccess and .htpasswd, but configuring those files can sometimes be a pain for webmasters. There is a FREE php script called phpaccess, which automatically installs and configures the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for you!

The Apache server lets webmasters manipulate its behaviour through scripts.
Exactly this kind of script is the htaccess-file (usually named ".htaccess") You can define a very wide palette of modifications (such as individual error-pages and stuff like that), but the most-common use of the htaccess-file is probably the possibility to protect web-content from unauthored access. Whenever a client wants to access a page of a webserver-directory, Apache searches for a .htaccess-file in this directory. If this file contains a definition for a password-protected area, Apache sends a notification to the client's browser that opens a window to enter your login/pass - combination. After the correct combination was entered and sent to the server, Apache admits the user. Of course you can start your text-editor and write your .htaccess-file from scratch. The easier way is PHPAccess.

PHPAccess allows you to easily safe a complete directory with all it's files and subfolders of your Website against unallowed access.
It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user-interface that displays current information and possible actions on one page.
PHPAccess safes every file in the directory it lays in. Not only scripts/html-pages, but also graphics, textfiles,... whatever.
You don't have to know anything about the complex unix-htaccess-system nor do you have to create the .htaccess- / .htpasswd-files
PHPAccess does this job for you.
You even don't have to know the absolute path to your website - PHPAccess finds this information automatically.
With PHPAccess you can add, modify and delete the users that have access to your data.
All you have to do is upload the PHPAccess-file, give it the correct file-permissions (via ftp-proggie) and start PHPAccess in your web-browser.PHPAccess is FREE and published under GPL

Intuitive user-interface
PHPAccess is free
1-2-3 - Installation
PHPAccess consists of only one single file!
PHPAccess can handle existing htaccess-configurations.
You don't have to upload anything, once PHPAccess is installed.
You don't have to know anything about server-interna.
Everything you need for PHPAccess is a webspace-account with PHP and FTP-Support (to upload the file and change the permissions).
PHPAccess is multilingual. Supported languages:
- English
- German
- Traditional Chinese (BIG-5)
- Brazilian Portuguese
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- Japanese (EUC-JP)
- Dutch
- Arabichttp://www.krizleebear.de/phpaccess/grafiken/shot_allfunctions.gif


17 Oct 2007, 12:51
NOTE: phpaccess has been updated to 1.03:

Version | Changes
0.95 - first public release 0.96 - import function for comma-separated textfiles
- English will be the only language supported from now on 0.96b - implemented admin-login-function 0.96c - corrected the admin-login-function 0.96d - scrollable textbox for status-field (after importing many users, the old GUI grew too big)
- admin-login is standard now - default login-pass combination is "test" , "test"
- patched a minor bug (two warnings after first start caused by not defined variables)
0.97 - cleaning-action of the complete code
- the definition of read-only-users (as in the test-environment) is now possible
- now you can easily deactivate the 'Delete-All'-Function
- prepared phpaccess for server-environments in that PHP's 'register_globals'-option is set to 'Off' (standard configuration in PHP >= 4.1.2)
0.97b - .htaccess isn't regenerated when adding a new user, so manual modifications resist. (thanks to Yamamura for this hint)
- Language: BIG5 is now supported! (thanks to Yamamura)
- You can select the language in the user interface by a combobox-entry.
- German will be available soon 0.97c - implemented a meta-tag for the correct charset-selection in BIG5-mode (some european browsers didn't recognize the chinese characters)
0.97d - Language: German is supported again
- login-pass is now masked, too 0.97e - Supporting Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to kilrogg) 0.97f - Much faster - should import 2000 users at once without having timeout problems!
- even prettier code =) 1.00 - Published under GPL
- supports Italian (thanks to Giuseppe Buttafuoco)
- supports French (thanks to PM3)
- After one year of testing I decided to jump to V1.00 1.01 - supports Spanish. (thanks to Jose Luis) 1.02 - supports Japanese (thanks to Yui Sugawara)
- alo supports Dutch (thanks to Grossard Werner)
1.03 - supports Arabic language (thanks to Amry)
next - might support Windows-platforms - but not sure yet
- might include FAQ on several questions I hear over and over again ;