View Full Version : random Image in first & Second Alternating color

09 Oct 2007, 10:14

I want to have images of my members cars, and have them displayed as a fixed watermark on the first and second alternating color.

I already have an image their now, but would like to have random Images......

can someone tell me how to do this?


09 Oct 2007, 11:40
the poor man's way to do this is to write an uploader that will generate the filenames like: userid_photonumber.jpg (10034_3.jpg), where "photonumber" autoincrements with every upload by that user.

create some heavy queries that determines the largest photonumber for that user.

generate a random number with "photonumber" as the high end. rand(1,$photonumber);

then, in your templates, use an img tag with a URL like this: