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no mods
17 Oct 2007, 22:18
Hello, soon here I am going to start salling some skins. So I need a mod or a script of some sort. Something like vbskinworks.com or extremepixels.com. Does not have to be as nice as theres, just something that will get the job done. It doesnt have to be a vbulletin mod. But like a addon to the site.Anyone know were I could find something like this?:confused:

17 Oct 2007, 23:14
woow, you're salling skins, i hope you have a navigable one.. lol

btw, the forum "Modification Not Available?" would have been more efficient here...

++++++++++'s Digishop is actually the answer for you... !

no mods
17 Oct 2007, 23:56
Link, I am not looking for a vbulletin mod thats why its here.