View Full Version : Drop Down Navbar

17 Nov 2007, 22:09
I have created a navbar that is not complete totally because of links but I want to know how to get it loaded on to my site.


I have created the bar in macromedia fireworks I just am lost on how to get it into my site so it works. Can anyone help me with this?

Rocket 442
19 Nov 2007, 22:04
Not sure on how to get it to work on your site, but your NHL image is NBA until your cursor is on it, then it changes to NHL

20 Nov 2007, 21:43
Well its easy to implement, give me your finished swf and I can create a mod to show you how to install it anywhere you want.

But using a menu with flash is not the best way friend, its best to make a DHTML drop down while using vBulletins coding...