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25 Nov 2007, 02:10

These are the fist ever vB Buttons I am releasing so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Lorelei 2.0 set would look good both on light and dark backgrounds, however, the rounded icons look better on darker layouts. Enjoy!


PSD file is not included, sorry.

25 Nov 2007, 08:59
Hello Lorelai!

Very thanks, these buttons are beatiful!

Nice Day...

Feckie (Roger)
25 Nov 2007, 09:41
Can you do a "Thanks" button please..

Rocket 442
25 Nov 2007, 21:48
Very nice set of buttons. I'd DL, but I like to have the .PSD's included.

26 Nov 2007, 15:52
cann't use

not psd

26 Nov 2007, 16:04
Thanks for the feedback!

If someone wants the PSD file I would gladly provide it on request (tho I believe I only saved one or two of them, so you only would have a basis. The reason why I prefer not to distribute it widely, is because I would not want to run into copyright issues tomorrow, with someone claiming it's his/her design and having the psd as well as a proof.

If you want the PSD file, please drop me a PM.

Feckie (Roger), I will do the thanks button tomorrow and add it as a separate download, thanks for pointing out at it!

thanks also to all those who installed and rated it, much appreciated! :)

28 Nov 2007, 15:34
nice thanks for this

30 Nov 2007, 20:17
I really like them! Some of the edges look a little rough but that is easily fixed.

The quick reply button is not there though.. hmm

08 Jan 2008, 19:32
These buttons are nice but I wouldnt say they are web 2.0 as the labelling is not very clear. They do not pass the accessible colour test.

To be really web 2.0 the text needs to be clear and simple to read.

Jake Riley
06 Feb 2008, 16:52
Who said Web 2.0 means clarity on graphics? Give me a break!

Great contribution, Lorelei .. whenever you could include the "Thank you" button, it would be greatly appreciated.

26 Sep 2008, 15:55
was a thanks button create for this? Can some one shat it please

09 Oct 2008, 18:30
Pal, is there ANY chance you can add your PSD to these? Please and thank you.
Or better yet PM me them? Thanks so much, I'd really appreciate that.

Or would you mind telling me please where you got those Icons for the buttons? Like, the + signs and what not. I have custom ones of mine, and something like this would be perfect for me it'd let me finish.

Thanks again.

19 Mar 2009, 22:41
Very nice set of buttons, thank you


12 Apr 2009, 18:22
These look great but as some of the buttons used on my forum are missing I cant use them :(

20 Apr 2009, 14:44
Very nice buttons thanx :)

25 Apr 2009, 18:12
Lorelei -

I tried to contact you via your forum, but it doesn't allow new registrations. I tried to contact you via the contact form on your design site, but I haven't heard back. So I'm posting here. I want to hire you to do some button work, based on the design in this thread.

Interested? If so, PM me for more details and we can work out a price.

19 Aug 2009, 03:45
These are great buttons. Please release a full set so we can use them!

08 Nov 2009, 23:10
I absolutely love these buttons!

A psd would be amazing if you would consider releasing it :)

thanks again!

24 May 2010, 16:35
marked as installed ,
can you please provide me a post thank button

29 Jan 2012, 00:51
Great looking buttons!!!
Waiting on the thanks button as well before dl...

21 Mar 2013, 05:19
I removed the white background and exported this set with a .png format (transparent background) if anyone is interested.

15 Oct 2017, 12:06
Thank you very much, I am happy to use: )