View Full Version : No avatar style request

27 Nov 2007, 22:43
Does anyone have a style that does not have avatars or signatures allowed?

What I am looking for is a "work safe" style that doesn't allow avatars or signatures without having to turn them off under Options. I have members that check my site from big corporations and government computers have have expressed some concerns.

I did a lot of searching and the closet I could find is a mobile style, but it's too stripped down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

29 Nov 2007, 19:45
Wouldn't not be more simple to just turn them off from UserGroup instead of messing around with a skin ???

Just my thought.

30 Nov 2007, 00:13
Maybe my thinking is wrong, but wouldn't that turn them off in every style?

30 Nov 2007, 00:42
Why don't the users who don't want to see avatar and signatures just turn it off in their User CP? They have control over whether they see them or not.

30 Nov 2007, 01:01
Because I don't want that.

They would have to keep turning them on and off, depending if they are at work or home... or didn't you have the fore thought to think of that?

30 Nov 2007, 03:23
Gee, no, that just never occured to me. Just like I guess it didn't occur to you to just make a child style and remove the avatar and signature portion of the two postbit templates.

30 Nov 2007, 13:18
I did that already (for the avatars), but I'm no coder by any means and was looking for a more professional style in case that caused issues by removing the code.

30 Nov 2007, 15:29
You should have no problems deleting or commenting out the avatar or signature part of your postbit templates.

Are they aware of the Archives - or do you have the Archives turn on? That 'style' is without avatars or signatures or images. It's just text. That might be a good solution for them until you come up with a new style.

(I seem to recall seeing a style here that was advertised as Work Friendly. It was basically a no-frills style like the archives only with the regular format of the main vbulletin forums. It was over a year ago that I found it and I never implemented it on my site so I can't tell you much about it.)