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30 Nov 2007, 15:02
Good day all. I would like to first introduce myself. The patrons of my old site knew me as Raven, but since that name is taken on many other sites I use xXTheOneRavenXx. I've have been an Admin of an IPB site for 6 yrs. On the personal side of things, I'm married, and a father of three wonderful li'l ones. Recently I saw the light and decided to move over to using VBulletin;) The only problem I have with all these nice new options is that I'm not really good at coding, but I'm alright with Photoshop graphics. (My own abstracts, sigs, avatars, etc...) I'd really like to impress my patron's with my new site, but I'm kinda strapped for cash because of the obvious reasons, lol. Kiddies will do that to ya. So will setting up a site;) Here is what I would like to request.

1. A tech skin for my forum with a look similar to that of the USFTECH skin but that matches my homepage @ www.SourceAlliance.org. (<-- Not advertising just using it as a sample of the color scheme I'm looking for)

2. Purhaps an arcade with a link to some decent games.

Please don't take my requests as being greedy by any means. I'm just really stuck on this one fellas, and just looking for some assistance.