View Full Version : requesting a style

03 Dec 2007, 04:05
well i need a style like black and blue with a banner saying Blood Brothers Clan
and a sidebar where i can add admins/scritpers etc please and makeup a good thing for new post etc online

Marco van Herwaarden
03 Dec 2007, 07:38
Is this a free or a paid request?

03 Dec 2007, 09:17
well free but if you make it like i said im willing to suggest you to all my vbulletin friends and stuff

03 Dec 2007, 09:22
why dont you try saving the style sheet of original and then editing it yourself and changing the graphics a little
its fairly simple to do.

03 Dec 2007, 09:24
cause i would Fukc my style up if i tried

03 Dec 2007, 20:36
cause i would Fukc my style up if i triedI just created a new template, they use the vB default style.