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06 Dec 2007, 02:59
first i want to appologize if this is not the correct location for this thread. im a little low on time and only did a quick skim of the forum.

my VB version 3.6.8

ok. so i purchased a site from surreal media. it worked perfectly so i decided to spend the extra $99 for a VB skin aswel. now we find all the problems that wernt in the site.

the skin was made for version 3.6.5 . now as i understand it there were mainly just security updates between 3.6.8 and 3.6.5 however i am not sure. the style does not completely show up when run on the site. infact it mostly does not show up. after getting an end run around from surreal media including a message saying that they fixed it on my site (gave them FTP and styles admin access) i log in and find its still not fixed. they have stopped replying to my support ticket... so now i am stuck with an expensive skin that only half works and a very limited amount of knowledge with VB skinning. if anyone out there has the time and energy to assist a VB intellectually challenged individual like me please shoot me a reply here.

ready to see the skin with the "features"? (it would be rude to call them bugs... learned that one from gameforge...)

the site. this is what the style is supposed to look like.

the style on the forum. if this link doesnt work go to the bottom of the page and choose style GT28 red or green. both are the same thing.


the reason the styles are the same thing is because surreal media sent me the images for the red version but sent me an XML for the green version. after doing a find and replace via dreamweaver i changed all the folder directories in the one shown as red to point to the correct locations. but that had no effect at all.

yeah. im never using surreal media again...

thanks to anyone who is generous enough to help me out :)

vB Crew
14 Dec 2007, 01:56
You did not give a link to your site to look at the problems. Did you get this resolved, or do you still need help?

If you still need help, shoot me a pm, and I will try to help you out.