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08 Dec 2007, 22:44
What background and foreground colors for where the graphic will be used:

I'm really looking for something elegant and modern for my parenting site. I'm leaning towards pinks and browns. I'm wanting a baby pink and a brown. Pink being the main color and brown being the letter within the icon, text and bars.

Here are two I was looking at- #FFCCCC (Pink) and #4D3319 (Brown)

If the style is to be fixed or fluid width- Not sure what this means but I want the width to be 101% (full screen/no scroll bar)

links to any styles/graphics that you like to give an idea of your tastes.


If anyone thinks they can do this and wants to, please PM and I'll give you my site name and any other details you'd like. ;)

10 Dec 2007, 05:18
No one wants to take me? :( Boo hoo, I'm gonna call myself a waaambulance!

I'll keep checking back. ;)

14 Dec 2007, 22:24
Have a look at my site and you may find something that you might want and maybe find something that you didn't expect to find. :) vbimageworks.com (http://www.vbimageworks.com/)

I would also suggest that you visit the image database here at vb.org. And I also think you should visit this Forum (http://www.badgirljammieclub.com/community/index.php) I'm sure one of the girls may be able to help in some graphic requests that you may need.