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Lunar Raven
15 Dec 2007, 07:20
Hi :p

I have a website called mindfuse.net . It is, at the moment down, because we had some issues with our software. None the less, it's coming back..and we want to make the opening really special. We have a new skin, however..we only have the default logo that comes with it. It's not bad..we just want something that is unique to us. I was wondering if anyone could make us a logo/banner? Doesn't have to be very complex, infact..simple might be best. WE just need something that matches our colors.

You can view our current skin here:


As you can see..our site is full width, so if you do want to make us a logo (which would be greatly appreciated!) try to keep the width in the smaller range. Our current logo has one piece, which is this [link] , then the rest is a background image which blends into it. This is so people with smaller screens can view us without issues.

Anyway..if anyone wanted to make us one..we are looking for something that might tie in with our name (mindfuse). I'm not sure what..or how..but it's just an idea. Perhaps like a fuse in the lettering, or something? Lol, I'm not sure :p. That's up to you (assuming someone tries to make us one).

Thanks in advance. I really hope someone with make us something. I've tried..but I just can't get what I'm looking for :(.

15 Dec 2007, 10:15
Hi, i can make for you one logo if you want, call me whit PM. Regards

vB Crew
21 Dec 2007, 01:09
How about this?