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18 Dec 2007, 19:46
Would anyone be so kind and make some very good images for a computer forums site? ... Site: www.thecomputerforumz.com

As you can see - we want the images to match well with the forum... We are going to change the category strips colours ect.

Images we would like: New posts - no new posts - announcement - thread locked - thread moved - hot thread - new thread - old thread - hot locked - "you" have posted in this thread - hot thread with new posts - hot thread with no new posts.

I would appreciate the time and effort anyone can put into making these. May I also say - We are happy to take on a designer for the site - who will have a lot of permissions.

Regards Jason :)

18 Dec 2007, 19:50
Pm' me and I help you

18 Dec 2007, 20:16
The whole point of this area is so members can have there requests filled here (without paying) or being referred to another site C.ooder.

Another reason is members who are willing to pay can see what your work is like.

Just so you know, I will be reporting this thread.

18 Dec 2007, 21:55
Not to be rude - but that's a bit sad to be reporting the post. It is for unpaid services and C.ooder as said he is willing to do it for me.

Regards Jason :)