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19 Dec 2007, 19:52
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~Modification name
Default Buddy

~Modification description
Choose the users that will be buddies by default by registration!:classic:

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Turn On/Off
Choose buddy id

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Plugins: 1
SQL Queries: 0
Phrases: 5
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Install time: 3 sec
Install level: Easy

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Step 1: Import Product

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This may not be distributed,released or claimed as your work without author's permission.

19 Dec 2007, 19:52

19 Dec 2007, 20:21
Kinda like Tom on myspace. Thanks! =)

20 Dec 2007, 09:59

20 Dec 2007, 13:52

21 Dec 2007, 14:35
Will this add them to your buddies by default like "first friend" in visionscripts invite system or do you still need to approve them 1st before they appear in your profile?

21 Dec 2007, 14:47
It isn't working.. It didn't add the new member by default, nor do I have any notice of a friend wanting to be added...

21 Dec 2007, 15:23

22 Dec 2007, 09:40
Has anyone gotten this to work?

23 Dec 2007, 14:58
/me bumps in hopes to get this to work

24 Dec 2007, 01:33
doesnt work for me either. *uninstall*

29 Dec 2007, 14:50
It didn't work... =(

30 Dec 2007, 22:09
Have u turned it on ??

06 Jan 2008, 02:07
This hack doesn't work.

06 Jan 2008, 15:01
reporting thread to be moved to graveyard since it doesn't work and is not getting support after over 2 plus weeks of reports of it not working.

Paul M
06 Jan 2008, 15:27
We don't move mods to the graveyard for such reasons. If you feel it doesn't work then you should not mark it as installed, and rate it as appropriate.

22 Jan 2008, 14:26
bump bump bump

any luck on working version yet >?

17 Mar 2008, 09:24
The mod gives me mixed results. It shows the + next to the name of the defaulted friend, but it doesnt add them to the list for me.

17 Mar 2008, 17:52
Why not trying to get it to work for you. Sometimes we depend on the creator a little to much.

26 Mar 2008, 22:17
The problem is simply that its not adding each other to the buddy list ..

In example: User 2 should be the default buddy.

When a new user registers, then user 2 will be added to his buddylist.

But: this new user will not be added to users2 buddy list.

So in fact, it's not like tom on myspace, user2 still have to add every new registered user manually.

Requests to add new users on both sides are ignored by the ZH since months, so personally I don't expect a change and this mod does not work like many user here thinks that it has to work.

31 Mar 2008, 18:13
Why not trying to get it to work for you. Sometimes we depend on the creator a little to much.

Why don't we all just make our own? Not trying to be rude and I understand this is a generous contribution, but the reason for mods is to extend functionality for people that cannot do so themselves. we wouldn't download/install this if we could make it ourselves.