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22 Dec 2007, 22:05
On my forums, I have a custom profile field called Nickname (because everyone is required to register with their real names since we all know each, but not well enough that we'd know who's who just from their nicknames). I was hoping someone would be so kind as to create a postbit template modification for me that would display the user's nickname between parenthesis after their username on their posts. For example, if the user's username is John Doe and his nickname profile field is johnny, it would display as "John Doe (johnny)".

I know this is a very simple modification, but I'm just not familiar with the vB code and I've never really learned PHP, although I can understand it because of knowing other programing languages.

Edit: I also wouldn't mind having it the same way as how "Real name" is here between location and posts, but I would really prefer it to be between parenthesis.

Thank you very much in advance,

Gray Matter
25 Dec 2007, 16:08
Open your postbit or postbit_legacy template, depending on which you're using.

Find this code:

<a class="bigusername" href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$post[userid]">$post[musername]</a>And replace it with this:

<a class="bigusername" href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$post[userid]">$post[musername]</a> ($post[fieldX])Make sure you change the X to the ID of the "nickname" field. To get the ID of the nickname field, visit your "User Profile Field Manager" in the Admin CP. :)