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28 Dec 2007, 04:03
This theme was made for The Sims 2 enthusiast. Imitated after the popular Sims 2 colors taken from the background wallpaper. This theme displays some classical styling.


Icons from The Sims 2
Customized buttons
Sims Font used in the images
PSD file included for setting up your own buttons

Install into a folder called 'styles' under your forum root directory.

Can view full DEMO HERE (http://www.moonprincess.net/forum/index.php?styleid=2)

UPDATED: 01/27/08
Adjusted the member profile visitor message area to allow for avatars.

28 Dec 2007, 04:54
All I can say is .. WOW !

But I think my users would commit mass suicide if I used this. :)

28 Dec 2007, 06:05
LOL - it is a very great skin!
I won't be using it - but it looks AWESOME!
Thanx for the sharing ;)


28 Dec 2007, 07:12
Wow really good, thanks for sharing :)

28 Dec 2007, 08:54
pretty cool :)

28 Dec 2007, 09:08
I think it's suitable for my the sims forum! Thank you!

28 Dec 2007, 10:45
Is this compatible with IE 6.0?

28 Dec 2007, 11:26
really nice stuff ... :)

29 Dec 2007, 01:09
LOL - it is a very great skin!
I won't be using it - but it looks AWESOME!
Thanx for the sharing ;)

Hi Jacquii, I seem to be running into you more.

Is this compatible with IE 6.0?

Yes it is. There is on template modification for postbit that just re-arranges the look. I used my pc at work which runs Windows 98 with IE6 and my iBook with has IE5 and both were fine.

Thanks everyone :D

29 Dec 2007, 04:46
Ah yes - The wonderful world of vB LOL
You've really done a fabulous job with the Sims style ;)


29 Dec 2007, 11:17
Thats a cool looking style, wish all the styles on here looked that good :D

29 Dec 2007, 14:17
thanx ... i like it

* install *

30 Dec 2007, 17:04
wow cool...im a fan of the sims 2 yay...thanks a lot

25 Jan 2008, 17:56
Okay, I downloaded your style, but I tweaked it a lot. anyway, is this happening to anyone else? In user comments they user avatar is covering up the first couple letters of a comment. example.


26 Jan 2008, 17:00
Thanks for the pointer.

See if this fixes your. I tested it on mine and it worked.

Go to:
ACP->Styles & Templates -> The Sims 2 Glamour -> Edit Templates

Member Info Templates ->

Find :
<div class="fixed_width_avatar" >
Its about the 3rd line down.
Replace with:
<div class="fixed_width_avatar" style="padding-right: 25px;">
you can adjust the 25px to move however much you need or want.

I'll fix it in the zip file tonight when I get home :)

22 Feb 2011, 19:55
This is perfect for my site, thanks! :D