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Contest Master
01 Jan 2008, 06:00
Which Modification should win this months MOTM contest ?

Choose from the list, and vote for your favourite modification now.

Remember to support modifications by nominating them for next months MOTM, just click the 'Nominate for MOTM' link in the release thread - you can nominate as many as you like during the month.

Thank you,

vBulletin.org Staff

01 Jan 2008, 06:16
First vote.. Post Thank You is at 100% of votes..

01 Jan 2008, 06:47
ez bounce FTW. i get 2500 of these a day! thank you!

01 Jan 2008, 07:06
Chat chatbox. I love it!

01 Jan 2008, 08:27
Post Thank You Hack.:up:

01 Jan 2008, 21:00
My members couldn't live without the thank you hack.

02 Jan 2008, 07:43
Post Thank You Hack :)

02 Jan 2008, 08:49
EZ Bounced Email Management for Admins

02 Jan 2008, 10:44
Aqm ... :)

02 Jan 2008, 13:00
Cyb - ChatBox :)

02 Jan 2008, 14:53
Post Thank You should win!

02 Jan 2008, 18:53
Ad Management! go, go, go!!!

02 Jan 2008, 18:54
Torn between two, but I've voted for EZ Bounced Email Management for Admins as it appears to be the most useful from my own point of view. Congrats to all nominees, and good luck. :up:

03 Jan 2008, 17:18
Why does everyone love the thankyou hack? ha
I think the query hack is much more useful.

03 Jan 2008, 19:34
Why does everyone love the thankyou hack? ha
I think the query hack is much more useful.

Its a good module that was well informed.

03 Jan 2008, 20:02
Why does everyone love the thankyou hack? ha
I think the query hack is much more useful.
"thank you" hack brings members together, imho.
query hack is something to play around - not really important for me.
not for forums social life :)
my members love it and they are happy (for me the main point) and im sure if I will ask them to decide between thank you, management ads and quiry hack im sure I know the answer :)
So I vote for thank you hack in this month :)

04 Jan 2008, 02:05
Post thank you all the way :D

05 Jan 2008, 14:37
Advanced Query Matic

no mods
05 Jan 2008, 15:49
Post thank you For sure.

Forum Lover
05 Jan 2008, 19:36
[AJAX] Post Thank You Hack... what else!! :p

07 Jan 2008, 04:31
Abe is my hero!

11 Jan 2008, 10:49
Cyb - ChatBox

Version: 1.9.9 by Cybernetec

Awesome modification. It's a really simple chat that is added in seconds. :up:

14 Jan 2008, 19:47
Well, I felt there was an ethical dilema voting for my own modification, so I have to go with Post Thankyou Hack by Abe1. :)

15 Jan 2008, 02:38
Big surprise of the results IMO
Still all good mods :)

18 Jan 2008, 16:22
Always been using vB Ad Management so my vote goes for it.

23 Jan 2008, 23:38
My vote goes for "Post Thank You Hack".

I'm using it for a long time and it's great.

Thanks Abe for your work and thanks to users who nominated my ChatBox for MOTM ;-)