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orange gold
03 Jan 2008, 00:00
ok so i made this style real quick borrowing some buttons from other styles but then altering them, but mainly its all my work, and the header is animated, its called green fire, i hope you like it, it works on 3.7 and 3.6.8, for 3.7 read the read me txt file that comes with it, enjoy - orange

live demo: here (http://haeku.net/forums/index.php?styleid=10)

if you liked it please mark as installed (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=166774)

if you download it please leave feedback

Derek Chai
03 Jan 2008, 00:40

03 Jan 2008, 18:10
It looks as if it has not been finished.

04 Jan 2008, 07:06
heyy your style very bad :S

10 Jan 2008, 04:00
Skin says:
Design Developed by CompleteGFX

It's not bad...I just wouldn't do some of the things you did...such as an animated banner and using other people's images in the who is without making it blend right.

17 Mar 2008, 16:47
I like the banner, but everything else needs lots of work

24 Mar 2008, 03:00
Well first, dont start off with animation work with you gfx skills then convert some to animation, but until then dont animate

25 Mar 2008, 09:55
Seems very similar to this...lol

02 May 2008, 09:45
thanks for it

02 May 2008, 23:56
how do I change this bar colour to the same green as I have the rest??

29 Aug 2008, 14:16
definitely looks half done

30 Aug 2008, 04:46
I sure wouldn't admit to borrowing images from other styles and altering them.
Design your own, don't rip them off.

30 Aug 2008, 23:23
nice colours and great styles

Brandon Sheley
02 Sep 2008, 22:53
is it just me, or is there no green on the style? :D

17 Oct 2008, 09:50
Lol ya.
The demo there leads to a purple vbDARK or w.e its called..