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04 Jan 2008, 02:45
I have just made a lot of changes to my board as I am more social community based and wanted my board to reflect that. I thought that I would release this to the community.

What does this do?

This completely rewrites the profile page. You will lose the AJAX feature and the ability to customize your profile colours (unless someone can help me with what code to put in to enable it on this mod). More options have been added.
This will also make the UserCP look different :D

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to focus on the social networking feature rather than a forum. Forums are mainly run as an "addition" instead of being the main part of the site.

How easy is it to install?

This will take about 5 minutes to install, all you need to do is replace the template files (included in the profile_edits.txt document) and upload 1 image to your forum root.

Template Edits: 4
File Uploads: 1
Queries: 0
Plugins: 0

Tested on

VBulletin 3.7 (beta 2)
VBulletin 3.7 (beta 3)

Very unlikely to work on any vbulletin below 3.7. I have not tested it on other versions, so install at your own risk.

Screenshots / Demo?

Well what would a modification be without these? For that reason, I have included both :p

Live Demo: HERE (http://www.projekttalk.com/main/member.php?u=1)

User - test
Pass - pass12345

Screenshots Attached

Please click "Mark As Installed" if you use this.

04 Jan 2008, 02:46

04 Jan 2008, 07:03
thanks man

04 Jan 2008, 23:37
The orginal profile layout is much more better

05 Jan 2008, 02:43
That's your opinion and probably a lot more other people's opinion, which I understand and is cool, but this is my first major release and this is how I wanted my site to look, so I thought I'd release for other people

06 Jan 2008, 23:55
Thanks for sharing, however I will probably leave it the standard way for now. thanks.

07 Jan 2008, 14:37
thanks I love this

08 Jan 2008, 11:43
Hey nice work, keep it up :). I might install this in the future.

ChU v2
10 Jan 2008, 00:49
demo down

10 Jan 2008, 19:19
You've a new PM, Hex_legend. :)

11 Jan 2008, 09:14
nice job!

22 Jan 2008, 17:41
I prefer the original but well done on your first release.

24 Feb 2008, 22:42
Mostly negative comments.

I would like to see want modifications you could make?

Personally I think its great for sites which are more Social Based similar to mySpace.

Thanks, Paul.

24 Feb 2008, 23:03
The template is quite basic as provided, but it’s a great learning experience if you would like to do more with the MEMBERINFO template instead of using the default tabbed one.

Also the used “User Profile Fields” are showing a good example how it can look like sites like Hyves and MySpace (thinking about Youtube hack, mood manager, etc.)

25 Feb 2008, 05:08
demo down


10 May 2008, 01:45
demo still down :(

10 May 2008, 03:21
demo down

but i think ths is a great mod ...i like it
im gonna ad it noWW!

10 May 2008, 03:23
i wanna see demo b4 i add this..its still down mate

12 Dec 2008, 07:25