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04 Jan 2008, 09:41
This is the nomination thread for Board of the Month of February.

Please note the BOTM Rules here:

Nominations will be accepted until the 31st of January.

When nominating please post the site name, URL to the forum, a short description what makes your board stand out from default vBulletin, and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination. If the staff feels that a nomination post is too promotional it will be edited accordingly.

Any sites without a name, URL, description and reason for nomination will NOT be entered into the poll. Please ensure that your nomination is in the format:

Originally Posted by Sample Nomination
Site Name: vBulletin.org
URL: www.vbulletin.org (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/../) - this must be clickable
Description: Official vBulletin Modifications Site
Reason for Nomination: Not Nominated. This is an example nomination.

When seconding sites, please ensure that you use the same post for the maximum of 3 allowed seconds. Any seconds not located in your first seconding post will not be counted. Please also ensure that you include the site name or URL for the site you are seconding in your post. If there is no name or URL provided then the post will be ignored when the nominations are counted.

Also, please make sure that you are seconding a forum that has already been nominated by its forum owner. Any seconds for a forum that has not been nominated yet will be counted as null and void.

Please posts only nominations or seconds, no "Thank you" posts are needed, they clutter the thread and will be deleted.

Any queries regarding the BOTM Contests should be sent via PM to Danny.VBT (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/member.php?action=getinfo&username=Danny.VBT).

Best of luck to all nominees!

19 Jan 2008, 05:08
Site Name: EliteForums
URL: http://www.eliteforums.info
Description: A Community for All.
Reason for Nomination: Four months old, and the site has grown to 1700+ members. We have a little of everything, Online movies, Cellular discussion, the best Psp section i seen anywhere and much much more. A lot of hard work, and an excellent staff, makes it a great place to visit.

19 Jan 2008, 05:20
Site Name: Talk About Marriage (http://talkaboutmarriage.com)

URL: http://talkaboutmarriage.com (http://talkaboutmarriage.com)

Description: Talk About Marriage is a safe place for people to talk about their relationships and get support or advice from others on topics like marriage, infidelity, anxiety & depression, divorce and more.

Reason for Nomination: I started Talk About Marriage (http://talkaboutmarriage.com) this past year, and I am very committed to making it as good as I possibly can. So far we have a small, but really great community that is super-supportive of all of the people that post asking for advice.

19 Jan 2008, 11:55
Site Name: Arkasokak.Net Hayata Tersten Baktıran Mekan
URL: http://www.arkasokak.net
Description: Turkish art, cinema, theater, music, cultre and discussion board
Reason for Nomination: I worked very hard for my styles, and also i want to introduce people our website.

22 Jan 2008, 19:21
Site Name: Bouvierforum

URL: http://www.bouvierforum.nl

Description: For lovers from the dogs bouvier des flandres this is the place for them. Users can do everything on this site. discuss, put there dogphoto's online and many more.

Reason for Nomination: Started as a little forum in a website it's now a seperate website and very populair in the Netherlands. It's a example how everyone can make and start a forum which can be populair.
The site has no banners or popups
Integrated software in the forum make it a nice place to visit.

23 Jan 2008, 09:43
Site Name :
Payment Processing Forums

Url :

Dedicated to payment processing,credit card fraud, chargback prevention related issues

Reason for Nomination:
we are still working on it , but i think we are 1#

25 Jan 2008, 16:44
Site Name: Repro Images Network
URL: http://www.repro-network.net
Description: Heavily modified forum with thousands of images from television shows and movies. Very active site.
Reason for Nomination: The entire forum's templates are modified and it uses hacks in a way that fits the community well.

25 Jan 2008, 23:30
Site Name: RaiderFans.net
URL: http://www.raiderfans.net
Description: Second largest independent NFL related community of its kind. We have over 20,000 registered members, around 2.4 million posts, an image gallery and much more!
Reason for Nomination: We've been up and running since 2002 and I've used many of the hacks found on vbulletin.org. It would be an honor to be nominated!

27 Jan 2008, 03:06
Site Name: BattleForums.com
URL: http://www.battleforums.com/forums
Description: Blizzard gaming forum for Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo gamers.
Reason for Nomination: BattleForums.com is the largest Blizzard gaming forum on the Internet today, and one of the largest gaming forums in general. I think it's about time to give it some attention from an amazing community :).

30 Jan 2008, 00:27
Site Name: School Converse

URL: http://schoolconverse.com/

Description: Ever need a place to come get school help from real people instead of googling all over the internet for a tutorial? Well, School Converse may be a good idea! You can ask for school help and most of your questions now get answered in less than 1 hour. You can always rely on us! Not the kind of person to ask school questions? Thats ok! Come talk in the bus about anything you want! If posting is your favorite thing, theres always our exiting forum games section!

We also provide an awsome arcade where once you make your daily post and meet your 5 overall post requirment can play. Along with that we have a great chatroom where you can come talk to members and staff instantly!

Our brand new groups system is also a place you can hang out, make a group, your forum is instantly created, and members start joining your group!

Reason for Nomination: We really look in to seeing kids get good grades and helping them advance. Free and with no ads, exept a sponser or two but this is how we keep it from YOU ARE THE 1 MILLIONTH VISITOR CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PRIZE or ONLY $50/month for excellent school help. Unlike these, we are free and ad free, and we dont mind that :D

Very useful forum!


30 Jan 2008, 01:14
Site Name: HBD-Gaming
URL: www.hbd-gaming.com
Description: A gaming community focusing on Battlefield2, 2142 Battlefield, and Call of Duty 4.
Reason for Nomination: HBD is a gaming family, but also opens it's arms to other guests. We provide our members with a home away from home, and a place to relax amongst friends. Feel free to visit us and make yourself at home. :)

30 Jan 2008, 02:28
Sitename> MedellinStyle.com (Electronic Music)


Descrition: The no.1 electronic music community from Colombia

Reason for Nomination:
Very nice layout, design and usability! check it out!
The perfect balance in a beautiful way!

30 Jan 2008, 12:35
Site Name: Zan Perrion's Natural Game Forums

URL: http://www.naturalgame.com

Description: This forum is all about creating a new discussion about dating and relationships. It's only a couple of months old, but it is growing fast.

Zan Perrion was one of the first guys in the "Seduction Community", and is one of the most respected - by both men and women. I first met him at a book signing a couple of years ago in New York, where he and Neil Strauss were signing copies of Neil's New York Times bestselling book "The Game". There was a chapter in that book on Zan. Since then, I have helped him with some of his presentations (and the forum).

Here is Zan's Philosophy for the Natural Game Forums, the reason he created it in the first place: http://www.naturalgame.com/showthread.php?t=145

Reason for Nomination: Clean, relatively unmodified forum. A good message, trying to make a difference in the world. Oh, and the whole forum has a "pirate" theme!

31 Jan 2008, 02:50
Site Name: WrestlingClique.com
URL: http://wrestlingclique.com
Description: Wrestling forum dedicated to professional wrestling discussions including WWE, TNA, ROH, live pay per view event discussions, and more.
Reason for Nomination: WrestlingClique has a phenominal staff who contribute 110% to making the forum informative and entertaining to those that visit. Alot of hard work and effort has gone into the design and customizations. After a few years of strugling to find our roots and site focus, we have finally found the niche the majority of our members were interested in.

this one is seconded by me :D i used to be a fan of wrestling but not anymore, the forum brought back memories lol

31 Jan 2008, 06:14
Site Name
The Rogue Forums


General topic online community, focusing on Star Wars, Gaming, and Sci Fi. Many off-topic discussions are also available.

Reason for Nomination
The Rogue Forums (TRF) has been online for roughly 1.5 years, and has made leaps and bounds in the field of activity, as well as creativity. We've managed to create a Star Wars focused forum, while still maintaining a general feel and direction- a feat not easily accomplished. We humbly ask for submission in this month's voting, as we feel we have a high-quality site.

Seconded :up:

31 Jan 2008, 21:46
Site Name: Wrestling Fan Zone
URL: www.wrestlingfanzone.com (http://www.wrestlingfanzone.com)
Description: Wrestling Discussion Forum
Reason for Nomination: I thought I would nominate Wrestling Fan Zone because it is a great discussion forum for wrestling fans, it is only 3 months old and allready has 5,000 members and over 9,000 posts.
The members are great and are really friendly.
Its on a fast webhost, they give away free VIP Memberships sometimes and custom emails, e.g. yourname@wrestlingfanzone.com