View Full Version : 2 Lightsaber Images

07 Jan 2008, 22:48
I have a section on my forum called Lightsaber Duels and now that I have vBulletin and can customize an image to show new posts or not this is something I've been wanting to do. I would love to have one image be two lightsaber hilts crossing which would mean there are no new posts and then one with two lightsabers cross, one blue and one red to show there being new posts. If both images could be no bigger then 45px wide and 58px tall that would be wonderful. I have tried doing it myself in photoshop but I just don't quite have the skills to make it look good. Also, if it could be on a transparent background that would be great.

Thank you big time in advance to anyone that would be able to do it for me :)


12 Jan 2008, 20:23
Not sure if this is what you mean or not...