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22 Jan 2008, 02:01
// From Dave at http://maddengods.org
// Free to re-use on non-commercial projects

Adding a link to tags.php in your footer will help search engines find your thread tag cloud easier, and will follow the links there faster thus helping with SEO performance perhaps! And not to mention some users will love it being easier to access.

1. Open Footer Template
2. Search For:

<if condition="$show['contactus']">

3. Before that (or whever you want to appear) add:

<a href="tags.php" title"$vboptions[hometitle] tags">Tags</a> -

4. Save template

Disclaimer: Wether or not this actually helps SEO performance is yet to be determined, though it will not hurt your SEO of the page. Backup template before editing incase desired results are not achieved.

22 Jan 2008, 11:17
cool thanks.

Dean C
22 Jan 2008, 11:24
I haven't looked too much into the tags in 3.7, but I'd seriously advise against installing this. For one, tag clouds are just as bad as keyword spamming. They may have user relevence but unless you but rel="nofollow" on them, it's no different. Therefore you shouldn't want search indexes having anything to do with your tag clouds :)

29 Jan 2008, 18:31
Any more vies on this and whether it would damage or improve seo

07 Feb 2008, 16:05
Still debating whether to add this.

Will it damage seo do you think?

16 Feb 2008, 14:44
As a cloud, I do not see any SEO use to this. However if this would be put into the form of a alphabetical index of all tags that link to at least a X amount of threads, then that would be nice. But as is, it' doesn't look good to me.
Note that tags only work well for SEO, if they are applied well. Meaning: you need to moderate them one by one.

02 May 2008, 10:22
Thank you very much :)