View Full Version : SubForum (forumdisplayt) Styles

alla n1015
25 Jan 2008, 18:05
We have a couple fo forums with a large, 50/60, subforums so when people go to 2cd level page there is scrolling down through them before topics can be read.

I've searched through here quite a bit for any mods that offer viewing options for subforum, all seem to only deal with the Home Page, not the 2cd and deeper pages , controlled by forumdisplay.php I beleive.

Im posting this hoping some kind soul will point me to anything I missed along this line.

things like - presenting subforums by latest posted to first, or adding pagination to thier display, or perhaps in columns, etc


25 Jan 2008, 21:13
it happens once in a week average... newbies posting in the wrong place... :mad:

Here some info that could help: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=151514