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01 Feb 2008, 00:03
Hello guys,

im new at vB and new here too, after 10 years in phpBB..., and vB its the best i ever got.

What i need is a small idea how to make a:

The last switch from the light

This means, its a forum-joke, but should work:

If only ONE registered user is in the forum, AND its between 11pm and 5am, so he should "make a switch" to change the forums-style for all users.

Hm, my english is verrry perfect, i know. so let me say what i mean ... :)

1. maybe its 11.34pm, the forum is empty. only ONE user is online.

he should have the option (only if he is the LAST user for the day) to swich the "Lights off".

He get a button "light off" -> he click it, and for ALL users is the new style the "moonlight style".

This should be logged in a "on/off"-thread.

The FIRST user a day gets the button: "Light on", and the customer/default style is enabled.-

(The moonlightstyle is providet by us and normaly NOT to use)

Hm, my english is very very good, i know, understand me? :):D:D:D

EDIT: no, im not rich...^^


01 Feb 2008, 00:18
very good idea gets the user's involved more.