View Full Version : deleting high scores

02 Feb 2008, 01:31
i want to delete high scores every month
to give people a chance to fight for the high score again
but i want to keep high score of all time
so what i did was reset high score
the high scores are gone
but it still shows the top three with high scores

i want this to reset also
we run it like this
and see who can be on top for how many months of the year

daniel d

02 Feb 2008, 10:35
arcade main settings -> score pruning

you can make it the way that each result itself lasts for 30 days for example and then gets pruned, while best results of all time are not affected.

02 Feb 2008, 11:22
what do i do
i went to score pruning
and it looks like it just searches for high scores older than what ever i put in there ???

daniel d