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04 Feb 2008, 10:55
Updated this style to 3.7 Gold

A new glassy style in dark and green color combo...

View demo (http://www.forum-lance.com/index.php?styleid=75)

Psd for the logo and the right side header is provided for you to customise it further to your site/forums...

You can remove the cars and the images in the logo and replace it to your requirements...

How do i edit the left sidebar?
To customise the sidebar Goto> AminCP> styles and templates> choose the style> edit templates> forum home templates> forum home>
you will find the text and links for the sidebar edit as needed and save...

I need further Help!?
Should you find any problem with this skin or need help in customizing the logo etc, please post your request at my forums modification area (http://www.minerskinz.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=20) only...


04 Feb 2008, 11:07
will you also make this for jeeps 4X4 in 3.7

04 Feb 2008, 11:57
:D also can you design a paragliding forum theme :)

04 Feb 2008, 11:59
i will install this and test it thanks for the nice skin

04 Feb 2008, 17:36
That looks awesome!

05 Feb 2008, 15:51
Loving your skins. A travel one would be amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

05 Feb 2008, 22:30
Thanks a lot, miner :) Nice Style ;)

06 Feb 2008, 03:02
Thanks Sofia...


06 Feb 2008, 11:55
thanks good

14 Feb 2008, 02:24
Awesome Skin. Great Work

16 Feb 2008, 03:29
Updated this style to Beta_5

17 Feb 2008, 08:45
great style, but were are the notices? i cant find them?

Forget that found them

23 Feb 2008, 18:36
Any way to use the standard navbar on this?
Love the theme but my members don't like the current navigation.

24 Feb 2008, 06:52
Can someone give me directions on how to remove the borders?

16 Mar 2008, 10:50
excellent work, as always, darlin'!

16 Mar 2008, 12:46
wheres the holdens :p

11 Apr 2008, 13:30

19 Apr 2008, 05:03
Nice Design. Thanx.

19 Apr 2008, 05:38
tagged.. ;)

01 May 2008, 20:32
I hope an update is made for this? I like it and would love to keep it, but it needs to be updated.

01 May 2008, 22:56
i get
Security token was missing or mismatched with this skin on my board. When i change my board back its ok. Any idea on how to fix this?

02 May 2008, 07:33
i get
with this skin on my board. When i change my board back its ok. Any idea on how to fix this?

The security tokens were introduced since 3.7.0 RC4. This style is not updated for this.

26 May 2008, 21:47
I dont get the instructions??? I upload "carforum" folder out of the folder i downloaded but dont upload the XML file? Also when I go to the admin panel, what .XML file am I supposed to put it to? It doesnt say in the instructions. And It doesnt even say to load the xml file to the server?????????

27 May 2008, 05:32
Updated this style to 3.7 Gold and zip in my first post...

28 May 2008, 06:14
Ok I have it in BUT now the sponsor bar is on top of the forum??? How do I get it on the side I have been working on this and cant figure this one out, plus im very new to this

28 May 2008, 06:23
Provide your forum URL?

28 May 2008, 13:36
Great style . . . still holding on for the motorcycle version . . :D

29 May 2008, 03:11
how do you get the sponcers on the right side not the left?

31 May 2008, 00:42
Ok How do you get the page setup on the call of duty to look like the car forum? The sponser, forum info and forum info on the left side of the forums? Please Help

30 Sep 2008, 09:32
does this style rule in 3.7.3 versions?

30 Sep 2008, 12:29
how do you get the sponcers on the right side not the left?
Looks like that would require recoding the forumhome template.

01 Oct 2008, 19:23
OK I'm having problems. i uploaded it as said but no buttons or .img's work.

I'm now to this so bare with me. Any way to use JUST the RPM image?

Thanks in advance

vB - 3.7.3


04 Nov 2008, 02:35

Pls help my problem,

the parts which is sign on the paint, it should be all green but my bottom is blank. Version is 3.7.3 PL1, but ı can not find a solution,

FYI, When i load the templates, i use the Miner's templates which is for 3.7.3 XML version.

Sorry for my worst english. I hope ı can define my problem.