View Full Version : Simple Skin creation + vba compatibility - graphics supplied

09 Feb 2008, 23:55
Hey there,

I've been trying to do this myself, but after a lot of solo work on configuring a guild site I've created for a friend, I've fallen at adapting the skin. I have basic colours right - but I need to surround the vba boxes/modules and forums in images previously supplied.

Nothing I've done in the vbulletin interface has made any difference. I've searched the discussion forum here, and tried a few things, but the instructions are either incomplete or confusing me :( I'm not a coder, and css confuses me at the best of times.

Source site: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=148546&TabID=1261027 (for style reference.

current site/skin: http://athanatoi.quillsabroad.com & http://athanatoi.quillsabroad.com/forums/

I didn't think it would be too complex, but I'm at a bit of a loss. I'll have another look at separating the categories in the morning.

I can't afford to pay/donate right now, but I would be willing to make a future donation.

If you can help, the graphics pack & current theme .xml would be supplied of course. It's a fluid skin, and uses the standard vba module wrapper.