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11 Feb 2008, 05:36
Award For Each post
This hack is the tool to award user for their useful message

-Turn Hack On or OFF
-Choose field of user to add point (available 4 celebrated point system [vbplaza,casino,vbcredit,icash) and support additonal field
-Set maxium and minium point moderator can award for each post
-Display Award Time (coming soon)
-Send Award PM to user (comming soon)
-Allow Moderator award themself: set yes or no.
-Can remove award message and return user points
-If post was awarded, award menu isn't appear

1.Upload award.php to your forumroot
2.Import via product
3.Edit template postbit or postbit_lagacy
<if condition="$show['postcount']">Add before
<div id="post_message_$post[postid]">$post[message]</div>Add after

After Import Product, immediately, you should choose Point System which you has use on your forum. And shouldn't change it afterward(to avoid problem with user point)

For Addtional Field
If you want add point for other field in some table of database
you must set Other System in vbulletin option
then config in file award.php (edit some value)
$afield ='ebux'; //example
$atable = 'user';
$comparefield = 'userid';

11 Feb 2008, 05:50
Thanks Chang (Tường) ...... i like it's .... installed


11 Feb 2008, 12:12
Nice mod, i guess it'll come in handy.

Btw, "reason" is spelled incorrectly there.

11 Feb 2008, 17:39
Thank you for this hack, tackebong :)

26 Feb 2008, 21:00
Thank you for this hack

06 May 2008, 07:04
thax for this HAck !!:up:

If the forum costs not radically for example http://localhost/37/forums that after performance of the award That returns on http://localhost/37/37/forums and naturally gives out a mistake

Also it would be good to limit quantity of symbols in line resson as if to insert the big text it will shift the message to the right

Sorry for my bad English :)

13 Aug 2010, 01:30
Good idea !
But, can you change this mod for vb 4 ?