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Yaa 101
16 May 2001, 21:51
Another hack from The knowledge emporium.

After adapting the clock I got from the developer, see here: http://newearthtime.net/
We asked him if we could release the hack from here and he agreed.

We included a install manual in english, german and dutch...

Bassie :)

16 May 2001, 22:07
You can see a demo HERE (http://forums.knowledge-emporium.com)!

17 May 2001, 08:47
what a pointless hack :rolleyes:

17 May 2001, 10:48
?. I don't get it. :rolleyes:

17 May 2001, 11:23

It is quite easy!

The New Earth Time gets away with the different time zones of the world!

It shows the time in 360.

That means, for example 270 is the same time, all over the world!

You want to meet someone from the other side of teh world in a chat room at a certain time?
Well, then just agree to meet at the certain time and name it in NET!

In my opinion the NET helps to let disappear the borders between the countries in the world and make us all cosmopolitan!
...But some ppl just can't open their minds yet! ;)

17 May 2001, 11:48
...But some ppl just can't open their minds yet! ;)

I'll work on it. ;)

Yaa 101
17 May 2001, 14:55

Not everything does need a point to be implemented...
Art is such a sector, if we need a point for art then we would have not as much...
Though most people think art is needed while art is pointless in the same sense maybe as our NET clock.
It makes us feel better, and pulls up our creativity in solving every day problems...

Bassie. :)

17 May 2001, 17:05
Yaa, I couldn't see you demo anywhere. Must anything be installed for it to work?

By the way, have you released the MSN hack as well?

17 May 2001, 21:03
The New Earth time is between Private Messaging and the World Time Zones!

Normally guests should see it also!
I didn't have set that the hack are only visible for members!

... and the MSN Hack was released by me! :D

Yaa 101
18 May 2001, 16:58
Hi Saturn...

It should be visible at all time...
Nothing extra is needed for the hack to work...
D/L the attachment i put on here, read the manual and implement it.
Make shure that you have to implement for each style.

Hope it helps and good luck...

Bassie. :)

P.S. Could be Christian, but the key script was hyjacked by me... lol

20 May 2001, 23:52

great hack:

on 20.05.2001 at 358 40' NET with IE

but not working for netscape 4.76 :(

21 May 2001, 08:18

Swatch has already had an internet time thing going on for years... they even have watches displaying it, why try to get used to yet another format?

To read more, click here (http://www.swatch.com/alu_beat/fs_itime.html).

21 May 2001, 11:18
And how many ppl use it?

Who spends the money for such a watch?

Are there any programs which you can run on your PC to see the Swatch Internet Time?

This project is FREE!

21 May 2001, 11:53
Sure there are converters and programs for the internet time (did you even check out the site I provided the link for?). Even some popular programs (like T-Clock) use it :)

Imho, I think this is just another attempt to try to launch a global clock. Swatch didn't seem to be able to pull it off very well (at least not yet), but at least they went as far as advertising it and even commercializing it by creating watches that actually display the time in both formats.

The one you're using is probably going to get burried very soon if they don't get any support. Swatch (http://www.swatch.com) is just a little bit bigger than them, hence the popularity. But who knows, I like the idea of the 360' clock a lot better. Counting in 'beats' (Swatch's name for its internet time format) is a bit hard still, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, especially since I have the time format displayed in my task bar ;)

It takes time to get used to new things. We (here in Europe) are soon going to switch to the Euro currency and that's gonna be hard enough. If we have to start modernizing our time and mesuring formats as well, I think we're all going to feel lost pretty soon...

Great hack anyways :D Didn't mean to critisize it in any way. Just wanted to mention that there's another format out there worth taking a look @ ;)


21 May 2001, 16:42
Here in Germany the conversion to EUR is the easiest I guess! :D

1 EUR = 2 DM, easy! ;)

And the time....

Well, a few weeks and I know it by heart! LOL

28 May 2001, 07:58
Speaking of the World Time hack... I pointed this out once before, but didn't see a response to it. The system is flawed. Right now for me, it is 3:54am, Eastern Daylight Time. What your hack says is correct in this regard. But it also says the time in GMT is 8:54, and this is wrong. 8:54 is 5hrs later than 3:54; that's simple math. But because GMT NEVER goes on Daylight Savings Time and Eastern Time DOES, right now GMT is only FOUR hours later than my time, not FIVE.

The problem is that the country of England, which is in the GMT time zone, goes on DST while the actual time zone does not. So your hack also says that London (as part of GMT) is 8:54, which is correct. England goes on DST, and is always five hours later than Eastern time in America. But GMT is never on DST. So even in Greenwich right now, it is not the same time as GMT. Right now Greenwich is GMT +1 hour. Yes, the city the time zone is named after is not the same time as its own time zone. It's confusing I know...but trust me on this even if you don't understand.

28 May 2001, 08:24
I understand what you say, but can't see what that has to do with the New Eart Time!

It is always meassured in 360 and is the same all over the world!

So what is your point?

28 May 2001, 08:31
When I posted that, I had confused in my head a statement you made earlier about the MSN hack, that you had released it...for some reason, I confused that statement, and the fact that the world time zone hack was also being talked about, into you saying you had released the world time zone hack, which I now see is not one of yours. So although what I said is true, it should have not been addressed to you as it was, and I'm sorry about the confusion. :)

28 May 2001, 08:42

No problem!

:) :) :)

04 Jun 2001, 12:26

in which file must I find this?



Has anybody an idea? I use Version 2.0.0 final

04 Jun 2001, 18:54
In index.php

It is in your forums main directory!

07 Jun 2001, 16:18
2 questions:

Is it possible to have an additional time stamp on the posts with this time format?


Is it possible to show the NET seconds in the current NET display also?

I already installed this neat little hack. I think it's kind of cool.

08 Jun 2001, 12:40
To the seconds:

They are already shown! It is the value ' while are the "hours"

The the time stamp.
I will have a look at it and see if it can be done!
Your idea is very good! :)

08 Jun 2001, 14:19
Actually, only the date, hours and minutes are being shown.

2001-06-08 / 212 57' NET

..^Date.........^Hrs.^Minutes and no seconds are being shown.

I would like to be able to show the seconds, I am sure it is possible, but I am just a novice when it comes to java, php, and html.

Any ideas on how to do this?

10 Jun 2001, 14:59
The ' value are not the minutes!

Get away from thinking in hours, minutes and seconds when looking at the NET! ;)

The first values are in degrees, the seconds value are angle minutes, which equals 4 seconds!

What you can do is to show also the angle seconds ( '' ), but that wouldn't probably work, because the time giver in your PC can't resolve these short intervals!

Ed FvC
10 Jun 2001, 18:28
Interesting hack, to say the least... However, I'm pretty comfortable using GMT (or Zulu) time. Being a pilot, I have to use it quite frequently.

Good job on writing it, but I don't think it's for everyone. :)

11 Jun 2001, 19:04
You are telling me that a PC is incapable of resolving 1/15th of a second? I would have to disagree with that.

I understand very well the increments of New Earth Time. It is very straight forward.

1 degree NET = 15 minutes standard time
1 minute NET = 4 seconds standard time
1 second NET = 1/15th of a second standard time (this being the portion which is not shown in the display)

New Earth Time is simply a translation of the earth's rotation, which happens to coincide with standard earth units of degrees, minutes, and seconds. Any navigator or mapper I am sure will agree with me that seconds do exist when you are measuring in this fashion.

I simply want to take New Earth Time clock a small step further in displaying this additional information on my bulletin board.

I am looking for additional code that could be inserted into either the javascript or the template that would display this information, and possibly a way to time stamp people's posts on my bulletin board with this additional format.

12 Jun 2001, 16:42
OK, I haven't found out yet how to show every NET second, but I have manged to show the NET seconds every real time second (00, 15, 30, 45)!

Use the file 2 posts below and replace your current net-3.js in order to show NET seconds!

12 Jun 2001, 16:51

It's not possible to show the time in shorter intervals than a real time second!

getSeconds is the smallest available interval!

If there would be something like getMilliseconds it would work!

12 Jun 2001, 20:27
I tried that code, and got a runtime error in line 41

runtime error
line 41
Error: Expected ')'

that would be this line:

document.writeln(' <td><strong><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="2" ><a href="http://newearthtime.net/" target="_blank"><span id="nyea">0000</span>-<span id="nmon">00</span>-<span id="nday">00</span> / <span id="ndeg">000</span> <span id="nmin">00</span>' <span id="nsec">00</span>'' NET</a></font></strong></td>');

My browser is IE 5.5, but I couldn't even begin to trouble shoot that one.

Thanks for the update. Any ideas on that error?

12 Jun 2001, 22:17
Try to replace the file!

It works on our board!

Look at it!

12 Jun 2001, 22:38
Yep, that worked.

Thanks for the help.

13 Jun 2001, 01:35
I think I can realize it to save that NET time with the posts!

I just have not much time at the moment.
So it can take a while until i have finished it!

24 Jun 2001, 02:58
push push push!!! nice hack!

Tim Wheatley
13 Feb 2002, 14:23
Why not just use GMT, that's the same time all over the world too... doesn't switch at seasons etc...