View Full Version : 301 old url to new url's

18 Feb 2008, 13:15

I run a forum that is displayed exactly the same over two url's. one's a .ie and the other a .co.uk . I want to ditch the .ie version and just use the .co.uk but i want to setup 301 redirects on all the .ie url's to the corresponding .co.uk url's.

Anyone have a script that will do this?


Yogesh Sarkar
18 Feb 2008, 13:27
Just do a 301 redirect from your domain control panel and it would accomplish that. This can be done through Godaddy.

18 Feb 2008, 13:28
or google ".htaccess redirect"

18 Feb 2008, 13:39
or google ".htaccess redirect"

I know how to do a .htaccess redirect. What im asking for is a script that will redirect each individual irl to the new corresponding url i.e. when google thors up a result for a post on my forum from the .ie site i want it to be directed to that exact post on the .co.uk site.

I want to keep the .ie homepage as it is (this is not part of the forum just my website homepage) so a total domain redirect would not work anyway.