View Full Version : Dark Rank Set

19 Feb 2008, 06:35
This is my first rank set. I hope you all like it.

There are some options that I have included.

*Staff titles include long and short versions, depending on what you use.
IE: Administrator or Admin.

*There is also Co-Administrator for fellow admins, or perhaps lesser admins. (Thats what I am using for.)

*There are several different Member options, as I see Forum subscribers called many things.

Here is a shot of all the buttons.:


Here is what it looks like on board:


I keep all my originals, so if you would like something added or a custom title made don't hesitate to shoot me a msg.

I will have a Forum Posting Rank set to go with this available soon!!

21 Feb 2008, 16:14
looking nice and clean on a dark bg, thanks!

25 Feb 2008, 04:59
Nice and clean, i like how some of those the names are like highlighted....