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17 May 2001, 11:10
whe the thread starter edit the title of the thread, this title remain the same at the list of all threads

is it possible thats this title change on this page as it changes in the post page

plz help

17 May 2001, 11:13
You can set the amount of time users are allowed to edit the subject line in the Admin CP. I believe you can set it to 0 to make it so they can always edit it.

17 May 2001, 11:38
i want to know if its possible to change the thread title by editing the starting post, but not only the post subject the thread titlt too

17 May 2001, 11:45
Yes that's what I'm talking about.

If you set the option in the CP to, say 5 minutes, then after 5 minutes they can edit the subject, but it will only affect the post subject. If you set it to 0, I believe that makes it so it will always affect both the post subject and the thread subject.

17 May 2001, 11:53
k thx
i think my explanations were bads ;)
i'm french so sometimes its hard to find the right words :)

17 May 2001, 12:03
no problem. :)

17 May 2001, 12:04
it doesnt work :(

17 May 2001, 12:05
as you can see on the two screens the title are not the same :(
i set 0 in the cp users
maybe a template to edit ? or php scripts?

17 May 2001, 12:18
In editpost.php, find
if ($isfirst and $postinfo[title]=="" and $postinfo[dateline]+$editthreadtitlelimit*60>time()) {
and replace it with
if ($isfirst and $postinfo[title]=="" and (($postinfo[dateline]+$editthreadtitlelimit*60>time()) or $editthreadtitlelimit==0)) {
Then set the option in the Admin CP to 0. :)

17 May 2001, 12:41
its still not working :(