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27 Feb 2008, 15:15
Good Day folks. This is my 2nd attempt at making skins. The upload instructions are included for you so there will be no guessing. This one took me a little longer as I didn't want as bad a criticism as my first skin. So I hope this one is a little more to the liking of some. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for looking


Demo: http://vbcustomskins.com/index.php

Edit: The new files have been uploaded

orange gold
27 Feb 2008, 20:55
very nice job ... 3 thumbs up :up: :up: :up:

03 Mar 2008, 13:17
The demo forum is not what's in the .zip file you have for down load. Is it possible to get the files to the demo site?

03 Mar 2008, 17:58
The reason is something got changed. I am updating it asap. I will get the files updated here and at the demo site very soon.

04 Mar 2008, 00:01
Nice work on both by the way.

04 Mar 2008, 01:40
Thank you very much. I do appreciate it.

05 Mar 2008, 05:40
I'm having a problem with the cmps from vbadvanced version 3.0 not picking up the icons, buttons, header, or background. Brian at vbadvanced showed me a faq that shows it's a path to the images issue. The fix doesn't work. If I apply the fix the cmps works but the same images such as the header in the main forum drop out to the imfamous red x.
I've gotten so frustrated that I closed my forum to the public.
Got any ideas? I'm not a coder so make it simple please.

05 Mar 2008, 10:03
I am not very up to date with VBadvanced as I have never used them. That said do they have the same type of set up as VB where you can upload styles? If so that may be what you need to do. Upload that style and then it should work. Like i said I am not familiar with VBAdvanced so I really am not too sure. What is your site?