View Full Version : screwed my layout

01 Mar 2008, 17:37
Has anyone an idea where i've made the fault, searching for hours now and don't find it...

In Internet Explorer (IE6 & IE7) the layout is not good...

You can view it at http://www.helpen.be/forum.php

Hopefull someone know a solution!

01 Mar 2008, 18:15
It's that banner advert....if you collapse that block it's fine.
Without going into the code I can't say for certain what's causing it, but basically it seems to be pushing the table too wide.

02 Mar 2008, 08:03
you mean the iframe? (the 7 banners) Or do you mean the 468x60px banner on top?

02 Mar 2008, 08:13
Loks like you have the width set at 100%.

02 Mar 2008, 13:16
it looks like the googlebanner does this, but i need to find a solution to get it in the layout :s
Ok so i know where to search now, but if you know a solution just let me know ;)