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02 Mar 2008, 17:15
Hello, this mod lets your users type in a greeting along with a signature.

Profile Field:

User Profile Fields / Add new profile field / Single Line Text Box

Title: Greeting

Description: The greeting that shows up on all of your posts

Max input length: 25

Field Length: 25

Type: Single Line

Field Required: No, but display at registration, or just no, you choose

Field Editable: Yes

Private: No

Field Searchable on Members List: No

Show on Members List: No

Now go to user profile fields / user profile field manager

Jot down the field number of the greeting (It says fieldX)

Template Edits:

Go to your postbit or postbit legacy (whatever you use)

Find: <div id="post_message_$post[postid]" align="left">$post[message]

Add ABOVE: $post[fieldX] <br>

Replace: X with your fields number you jotted down.


02 Mar 2008, 17:47

02 Mar 2008, 17:49
Your welcome, enjoy :D

02 Mar 2008, 19:05
any example or screenshot ?

I dont know what the hack do :(

02 Mar 2008, 20:42
Ill get a screenshot soon but let me explain.

This hack allows users to select a greeting that heads every post. Such as Hey, or Hi, or anything they want.

03 Mar 2008, 16:53
can i use it for 3.6.8 as well

03 Mar 2008, 19:05
this will show up in every single post (previous and new posts) made by the user, which would be pretty annoying. and you should change the location of where you've put your "custom code"

$post[fieldX] <br />

Should go before the $post[message], and not outside of the div for it like so:

<div id="post_message_$post[postid]" align="left">$post[fieldX] <br />$post[message]

12 Dec 2008, 07:33