View Full Version : Emoticons keep re-arranging themselves

14 Mar 2008, 02:42
What's up with this?

We recently upgraded to 3.6.5

Now the troops are in an uproar - seems the emoticons keep re-arranging themselves. The one that was here is now down two, then left. The one that was there is now at the end of the list. The first one is now number 26...

Got an answer? Got a link to a thread I missed in my search for the solution?

Please hurry - a crowd is gathering outside my house! :eek:

14 Mar 2008, 03:31
Renumber them form the AdminCP giving them unqiue numbers.

Give the ones 1-9 (or however many you have set to show) to the ones you want to appear.

14 Mar 2008, 03:34
That won't work as they are all 1 by default. What I did is number the ones I don't need showing to higher numbers and leaving the ones I do want showing at 1.

14 Mar 2008, 05:33
Thanks. Works fine now. Was just what we needed.