View Full Version : Problems with Arcade on 3.7 Beta 6

19 Mar 2008, 20:40
I recently made a test forum that i am running vB 3.7 beta 6. I did an upgraded install from 3.6.5. I had to delete vbProArcade 2.6.6 and reinstall it. I have a few problems now.

1. When game is over and tries to submit it gets a blank page at /root/index.php?act=Arcade&do=newscore. Scores are submitting but not redirecting right or something.

2. Do you have install instructions for vB 3.7 yet for showing the members crowns on their posts and member page? The instructions for 3.6 don't work.


24 Mar 2008, 13:39
ok, I got the crowns to show. It was a copy paste problem :(

Still have problems with posting scores at the end of the game. It goes to:

but I get a blank page instead of the home page or arcade page. The scores still submit. when you reload page you get: "This score was not submitted from the game. Your score will not be saved." Eventhough it has, or you can hit go back in the browser, but this is getting to be a pain.

I have uninstalled arcade, upgraded to vb3.7 rc1 and reinstalled arcade, still have the same problem.