View Full Version : Mini Mods - Display threads on New Posts only if they have already replies

23 Mar 2008, 01:28

this small mod allows you to exclude threads without replies from the new posts functions.

You can specify in the Admin CP a list of Forums and the number of replies a thread in this forums needs to get displayed in New Posts.

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23 Mar 2008, 10:25
Why would anyone want to do this?

23 Mar 2008, 10:49
My thoughts exactly. ;)

23 Mar 2008, 11:25
Surely this would defeat the purpose of posting a new thread?

Most people use the new posts feature as their sole method of navigation - especially on large boards - this would mean new threads would be practically invisible?

I'm sure you have good reason.... could you explain what you yourself are using it for so others understand a little more about any benefit this could have in a certain situation.

23 Mar 2008, 14:52
Yes sure i can explain :)

many of my members are meeting in real live regulary. They like to shoot alot of photos on those conventions. The pictures can be uploaded into the CMS I use. Each photo will open automatically a new thread in my forum to make it possible to discuss the photo. You can imagine, how the New Posting list will look like if someone uploads a bunch of phontos at once.

My members look after such a convention by their own for new photos - no one need to remind them that there are new photos in the galary. But of course they like to know if there is a new comment on a photo.

Of course I could use the CMS for the comments on photos, but I do not want to leave my general rule, that for every entry in the CMS (I have more there then only photos) a discussion thread is opened.

I only have this mod enabled in a single sub forum of course, not on the whole forum.

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14 May 2008, 01:03
i need this Mod!!