View Full Version : Apply website design to vBulletin header and footer

24 Mar 2008, 20:47

This is the design on about 1/3rd of my web pages:

I would like to have this design applied to the header and footer of my vBulletin installation, and other pages.

Can someone help me with the vBulletin portion of this please?

Thank you,


24 Mar 2008, 20:54
you simply have to copy the html from the site to your header/footer templates... nothing fancy.

24 Mar 2008, 21:35
Thank you nexialys,

I'm not sure how I split the current design up so I end up with a header and footer to paste into vBulletin?



24 Mar 2008, 22:48
Well, you need to define what part of the page is considered the (changeable) content and from there you can define what is considered the header and what is considered the footer. I would consider the stuff under the box to be the footer, so that is what I would put in the footer content (except realize there is some stuff in the vbulletin footer which MUST stay in there (copyright and cronimage at least). So, basically all you would do is copy the text from there into the footer and keep the rest of the vbulletin footer content. As for the header, I would guess just the stuff above the box? I'm not sure about your navigation to the left. You will have to play with the vbulletin css to get all the colors to blend and to make the style also blend.