View Full Version : BB Code Enhancements - simple any-title *.mp3 BBCode

02 Apr 2008, 03:11
while was trying few waysand different players to open and just play song in vBPicGallery without seeing the dam player on . here is how I manage to set it on
go to ACP
down to Custom BB Codes/BB Code Manager
in Title just add anything like :MP BB Code
Replacement add :<embed src="{param}" width="0" height="0" autostart="true"></embed>
Example :./mp3/*.mp3
Description : Embeds MediaPlayer mp3,wma..
Use {option} set to : No
Button Image (Optional) is up to you, : .images/you decide . gif
then save
Few extra neens to apply
Need to remember that mp3 folder with property should be in attribute 777 for uploads for them to send in there mp3
now to get it working only need in any text about to call any one

example : ./wav/Jimmy_Hendrix-Voodoo_Child.mp3 and save

it should work well yest so little done