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Yogesh Sarkar
05 Apr 2008, 19:22
My forum has been on a growing spree lately and it looks like I might have to switch to a VPS in the near future (currently on a reseller account).

Here are few things I was thinking about, since I have almost zilch knowledge about technical stuff, I thought I would ask your opinion.

The forum is currently running on a linux reseller account with MYSQL 4.1.22 and PHP 4.4.7 (installed as CGI).

If I get a VPS account with latest version of PHP and MYSQL and transfer my forum over to it, will it create any problems? Or should I get a VPS with same version of MYSQL, restore the db and then upgrade MYSQL?

Also the reseller account I am using, has a lot of other sites (a mix of static and MYSQL/PHP driven dynamic sites) and even the forum site in question, contains static as well wordpress powered blogs apart from vBulletin. In such a scenario, which cache module (APC, xCache etc.) would work the best and is it at all recommended to install a php cache?

Is Apache 1.x less resource intensive than Apache 2.x and what would you recommend?

05 Apr 2008, 20:19
You shoudln't have any issue importing a mysql 4.1.xx database into mysql 5.0.xx version.

The php version shouldn't effect anything as well, unless there is some very old php4 coding in them, so you should be ok in this area as well.

As for a php cache mechanism, any should be fine, but the advantage goes to APC here for per site settings, limiting what domain can use it etc.

I've not found any "huge" advantage to running any select version of apache, so again this shouldn't really matter, but i would run the latest 2.2.xx version, as 1.3.xx is EOL anyways, might as well stay ahead of the game.

Yogesh Sarkar
05 Apr 2008, 21:51
Thanks Snakes, that's a load of my mind.

06 Apr 2008, 12:58
Keep your reseller hosting up and running until you get familiar with the VPS, and do the migration, make sure everything is working great on the VPS before closing down the reseller account. Better to be safe then sorry incase anything goes wrong.

Yogesh Sarkar
06 Apr 2008, 14:36
That's what I planning to do, in any case I am planning to stay with the same host and they provide fully managed VPS (a blessing for novice like me).